Address:  Virgen del Pino street, 41. Punta Mujeres [Mapa]
Schedule: 6:00-21:30.
Price: 15-25 €.
Recommendations: If the weather looks good, take a swimsuit to try their natural pool.
Terrace: No.
Reservation: No.


Once upon a time, Bar La Piscina used to have tables on the pavement opposite, right on the edge of the sea. But even though diners were able to enjoy wonderful views as they ate, the waiters would take their lives in their hands as they dodged the traffic! Unfortunately, the city council subsequently withdrew permission to occupy the pavement. Even so, on days when it’s full inside many old customers prefer to take their food outside.

Despite its humble appearance, this is one of the best restaurants in the north of the island: excellent produce (mostly fish and seafood ), and carefully prepared dishes (grilled, tempura etc.) The man responsible for making sure the locals are happy as well as those with the most demanding palates, is Juan Carlos, known by all as ‘El Pichón’ (the place is familiarly known as El Bar del Pichón). He juggles his great social skills and sybaritic side to keep all his diners happy. Ask about the varieties of wines on offer and after dinner make sure you ask about the different gins.