Address: Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Square, 6. Yaiza [Map]
Price: 15-25 €
Recommendations: For many, this is the go-to bar for chickpeas, so trying them here is a must.
Terrace: No.
Reservation: No.


If you were to rank typical establishments in Lanzarote, Bar Stop would undoubtedly be up there in the top three. Not only has it been open for many years, but in all that time it has hardly changed at all: it serves the same dishes, the television is still permanently on, although nobody watches it; the waiters continue to provide a friendly, speedy service, but without being overly familiar … But most of all, the appearance of the place hasn’t changed a jot in all the decades it’s been open. It’s a popular haunt for locals but also for some well-informed tourists.

They serve dishes that have been prepared earlier and are displayed at the bar. The star dish is still its famous chickpeas (garbanzas), although they also offer meat and fish in different sauces and paella, etc. Bar Stop is a good option if you’re are in the south and are a fan of good, filling typical food. Keep in mind that the volume of the aforementioned television can be quite high, so it’s best to avoid sitting too close! Right next door, the same owners have a more spacious dining room, but it doesn’t quite have the same charm.