Address: Road from Uga to San Bartolomé, 8. La Geria [Map]
Schedule: 11:00-18:00 (Somewhat later in summer). Closed on Sundays.
Price: 20-30 €.
Recommendations: Don’t rush it!
Terrace: Yes.
Reserve: For big groups, yes (Rosa: 676 34 29 24)


Owners Rosa and Luciano have been asked on many occasions to fill their small winery-terrace with tourist coaches. It’s hardly surprising given that it offers the epitome of authentic experiences that would appeal to many; a small family-run winery that serves food made with homegrown produce as well as their own artisan wine and cheese.

Thankfully, they have rejected the offer, though as they have no wish to be inundated with a constant flow of visitors, nor do they want to compete with the large wineries in the area. It’s enough for them to have their small annual wine production and as La Querencia is their second home they prefer to welcome the curious few. They are delighted to offer tastings of their range of wines in a simple and cosy place with one of the best views of La Geria.

When guests arrive they are given the chance to taste the different varieties of wine (white, red, rosé and muscatel) accompanied, if you wish, by a light snack. Tasting is included in the price of the glass of wine, but is payable if you don’t then order a drink to follow or make a purchase.