Difficulty: Easy.
Type of route: Circular trail.
Walking (1 h 40 min): Pleasant walk through one of the quietest areas of La Graciosa.
Running (45 min): Training run without technical complications except as you arrive at Pedro Barba.
September 16, 2018 6:04 pm
  • Distancia 8.57 km
  • Tiempo 45 min
  • Velocidad 9.0 km/h
  • Min. Elevación 0 m
  • Max. Altura 19 m
  • Desnivel + 386 m
  • Desnivel - 386 m
  • Distance Instructions

The route: Firm ground and fun in another of La Graciosa’s classic routes.

This is one of the classic trails in La Graciosa. A possible longer variation is to return via the side of the Las Agujas Mountains along a track that is also used by vehicles.

Most of the route is very simple, except near Pedro Barba, where you’ll near to take care as you cross a small ravine. It is always better to run accompanied by another runner and to make sure you’ve told someone which route you plan to take.

Best feature: The views over Famara cliff.
Point of interest on route: The inhabitants of La Graciosa: The short but difficult history of an isolated island.
Nearby routes: La Graciosa South.


Photo: Víctor Hernández [instagram.com/victorhdl]