Location: Very quiet nudist resort [MAP]
Size: Small coves sheltered from the wind.
Access: Easy by road. A path along the coast connects the different bathing areas.
Services: No.


The Charco del Palo coastline is rocky but it has sandy areas where there are many small semicircle cocoons protected by low walls of volcanic rocks where you can lay down your towel and let the sun caress (all) your skin. The rocky terrain means that in general it’s only nudists who come here.

The most popular areas for swimming are the small natural rock pool created as the sea washes in and out. You can sunbathe on the sandy terraces around here or alternatively, there is a small jetty on the other side of the village that is also used for sunbathing. The only downside here is that to take a dip you need to get into open sea (which can be rough) and the access ladder is somewhat precarious. In addition, this same ladder is used by groups of divers to begin their dives. When you’ve finished enjoying the sun and sea, you can go to the small restaurant in the village.

Eat + drink: There is only one restaurant in Charco del Palo.
Pros: The sense of tranquility throughout the naturist village.
Cons: Shelter is needed on windy days.