Not only is this winegrowing landscape one of the most famous sights in Lanzarote, but it also teaches us an interesting lesson. In the eighteenth century, when everything was covered with volcanic ash, or lapilli, the owner of these lands was the Bishop of the Canary Islands who lived in Gran Canaria. According to local hearsay, this religious landowner gave the crazy order to clear away the thousands of tons of petrified ash that had accumulated after years of eruptions in order to recover the fertile soil buried underneath.

Despite knowing that this was an impossible task, the submissive country folk did everything possible, but the most they could do was to dig one large pit after another and plant something at the bottom (initially, it was not a vine). The results were surprising as they discovered that the volcanic ash retained the humidity from the air giving them much needed water and the sides of the pits sheltered them from the strong winds. And so it was that they accidentally came across the ideal cultivation method for the area. The moral of this story is that, sometimes the only way to find a solution is to give even seemingly crazy ideas a go.

Nowadays, after several centuries of cultivating vines, La Geria is one of the most special winegrowing regions on the planet.