Difficulty: Moderate. It’s not a complicated route as the climbs are at the beginning, so don’t get caught out by not warming up enough.
Best feature: The Tinguatón main road (LZ-56) has one of the most spectacular volcanic landscapes in Lanzarote.
Road safety: The first half of the route is relatively quiet in terms of traffic but this tends to get heavier from Tiagua on. You need to be careful in the final descent, which is very fast.
October 28, 2018 4:24 pm
  • Distancia 39.37 km
  • Tiempo 1 h 37 min
  • Velocidad 24.3 km/h
  • Min. Elevación 0 m
  • Max. Altura 352 m
  • Desnivel + 752 m
  • Desnivel - 762 m
  • Distance Instructions

The route: Ride to the beautiful interior, effort needed at the start!

This is an accessible route that covers approx. 40 kilometres (as marked on the map) taking you through the island’s interior. There are two variants that extend to the opposite coast for those who want to add kilometres. The route shown on the map is in three parts: The first part is an ascent up to Masdache. The second takes you on the flat through beautiful volcanic and agricultural landscapes. The third is a rapid descent from San Bartolomé.

Variant 1. Longer ride through Famara (59 km total): At Tiagua, take the LZ-401 road to Caleta de Famara. From there, return along the LZ-402 and as it ends turn right and go to the Monumento al Campesino where you re-join the original route.

Variant 2. The longest ride through La Santa and Famara (62 km total): Once in the village of Mancha Blanca, instead of turning right, continue straight on to Tinajo and head towards the coastal town of La Santa. From there, cycle through Caleta de Caballo and Soo to Caleta de Famara, returning as explained in the previous variant.

Photo: Víctor Hernández [instagram.com/victorhdl]