Distances: From Arrecife to Funchal: 291 miles.
Weather conditions: Similar to the Canary Islands, although a bit cooler and more humid.
Marinas: Funchal Marina (in the capital); Marina Quinta do Lorde (a few kilometers east, modern and quiet); Marina Calheta (more isolated, to the west); Marina of Porto Santo (on the nearby island of the same name).


Lanzarote is the closest to Madeira of all the Canarian islands with just 291 miles separating Arrecife from Funchal. This provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a couple of days of ocean sailing to a destination that never fails to delight. Just before arriving, you’ll be greeted by the glorious smell of the laurel forests on this Portuguese island, and by its mysterious little sister isles, the Desertas Islands.

The outbound trip can usually be done sailing at close reach or close-hauled, tacking the boat a few times. The return leg is normally sailed at broad reach and you’ll be able to hoist the gennaker sometimes as you’re cruising downwind.

A regatta has been held every two years between the Canary Islands and Madeira since 1978, with the point of departure alternating between different Canarian ports. Organized jointly by the Naval Club of Funchal and the Nautical Clubs of the Canary Islands, the event usually starts on the first Tuesday of September. Each year, the regatta brings together dozens of Spanish and Portuguese sail boats.