Location: Uninhabited coastal cliffs  [MAP]
Size: A number of different-sized natural pools at various points along 5.5 km of coastline.
Access: Via a dirt track which is sometimes in poor condition.
Services: No.


The Charcones is a series of beautiful naturally formed rock pools that are found at different points along approx. 5.5 km of the southwest coast of Lanzarote between Playa Blanca and Janubio. First and foremost, you need to be aware that it can be a dangerous area as the sea is often strong and pounds the rocks with considerable force. After all, the pools themselves were formed by the force of the ocean wearing away at the rock over the centuries.

The best safety rule is to stop and watch the sea for a few minutes before you venture into the water. If the water gushes in strongly, then you’ll have to rule out swimming in that pool. Equally, even if the sea looks gentle, it’s essential that you keep a careful eye on the tide as when it comes up, the waves will begin to flood the pool.

Eat + drink: There are no establishments.
Pros: The beauty of these natural whirlpools.
Cons: Caution is needed on days when the sea is rough.