Difficulty: Very easy.
Best feature: A short and simple route which reveals some of the best volcanic landscapes in Lanzarote.
Type of route: Circular. Climbing its slopes is prohibited.
Nearby routes: Caldera de los Cuervos.
February 15, 2019 2:50 pm
  • Distancia 3.01 km
  • Tiempo 1 h 15 min
  • Velocidad 1.4 km/h
  • Min. Elevación 346 m
  • Max. Altura 368 m
  • Desnivel + 53 m
  • Desnivel - 53 m
  • Distance Instructions

The route: Informative park on volcanism, suitable for all ages.

Apparently it was the bubbling lava streaming from Montaña Colorada that threatened to engulf the village of Mancha Blanca that fateful day in April 1735. Legend has it that in a desperate bit to halt the flow, the villagers took the figure of the Virgen de los Dolores from the church and placed her in front of the river of lava at which point it immediately changed course and saved the village.

To get to the start of the walk, take the Tinguatón road (LZ-56) from the La Geria road (LZ-30). The first volcano you’ll see is the Caldera de Los Cuervos volcano on the left, but the Montaña Colorado volcano is the second on the right. There is a handy carpark you can use.

The walk is easy to follow as it is well signposted as it winds round the mountain in an anti-clockwise direction. Information panels along the way provide details about the surrounding landscape in Spanish and English. It’s not a difficult walk and it can comfortably be done with children and pets. Most types of trainers are adequate footwear for this walk.