Distances: Marina Rubicón: 1.5 nm. Puerto Calero: 8.1 nm. Marina Lanzarote: 17.3 nm.
Navigation hazards: Shoal in front of Cape Punta Papagayo.
Weather conditions: Sheltered coves except when there are very strong winds and when the hot terral breeze blows.
Mooring: Sandy seabed. Buoys that can be “borrowed”.


These beaches are some of the best known in Lanzarote. Their beauty attracts many boats from nearby Marina Rubicon and other ports. In high season, this can create some congestion problems. You’ll find enough buoys to use when you anchor, but keep an eye out in case the owner comes along!

If you approach from the north, keep a safe distance from the shallows around Punta Papagayo since they extend quite far out from the coast. Once moored, you should bear in mind that, especially if you’re in a light craft, you are in a potentially crowded bathing area.

As far as the weather is concerned, the same pattern is usually repeated almost every day: after beautiful calm mornings comes pleasant middays with a light breeze, but at dusk the overheated slopes of Los Ajaches Mountains can generate strong, gusty winds.