Location: 29°13.45′ N 13°30,10′ W

Nautical charts: 219 IHM

Maximum length: 15 metros


VHF: 9
Tel/Fax: +34 928 842 147
Mail: puertocaletadesebo@puertoscanarios.es
Web: puertoscanarios.es/project/caleta-de-sebo

Berth request:

The paperwork for a berth request should be submitted to the Canaries Port Authority and the relevant documents issued before arrival. There is an online form to do so, but to be sure of an answer it is more reliable to send an email to solicitudeslp@puertoscanarios.es, indicating dates, length, beam, ship’s data and attaching documentation including boat registration, insurance and boatmasters’ licence.


Public harbour located in the Chinijo Archipelago, the beautiful group of small islands north of Lanzarote and one of the largest marine reserves in Europe. It is located in the only permanently inhabited town on the island, Caleta de Sebo.

To get there, you have to enter the Strait of El Río, which separates La Graciosa and Lanzarote. If approaching from the West, be careful with the shallows at Punta Corrales at the beginning of the town. The harbour opens towards the north and there is sufficient space available to allow normal manoeuvring for medium-sized vessels.

The only difficulty that might occur when mooring is the need to avoid leeway drift when the NE wind blows strong. Much less frequent are SW winds but when then do come they create waves that can make the approach and mooring quite tricky.

Port services, facilities & setting:

Caleta de Sebo is a small town with sand-covered streets and about 700 inhabitants. It’s very popular in summer months when a large number of tourists come to disconnect. This rather diminishes the peace and quiet of the island but not so much that loses its charm. You’ll find several small supermarkets, cafés and fish restaurants. There are also rental facilities for bicycles, canoes and all-terrain taxis. There’s also a small hardware store for emergency supplies and first aid kit.

Port services list:

Water and electricity
Fixed crane: 3 tons.
Travel lift: 30 tons.
Ramp: 10% slope.

Photo: Víctor Hernández