Difficulty: Very easy.
Type of route: Circular trail.
Walking (1 h 30 min):Beautiful walk that is popular with tourists.
Running (40 min): Route without difficulty except for loose sand sometimes.
September 16, 2018 6:00 pm
  • Distancia 8.18 km
  • Tiempo 40 min
  • Velocidad 9.8 km/h
  • Min. Elevación 0 m
  • Max. Altura 19 m
  • Desnivel + 359 m
  • Desnivel - 335 m
  • Distance Instructions

The route: Across paradise beaches.

It’s impossible to get lost! Set off from Caleta de Sebo along the track that goes to Playa La Francesa. At low tide you can go along the hard sand on the shore, otherwise skirt round the beach along a sandy track. Then you’ll see where a clear uphill sandy track leads up to a path. As you progress, you’ll start to see the beautiful colours and shapes of Montaña Amarilla, and a little further on you’ll have reached your destination and be rewarded with a paradise beach at the foot of the volcano.

Recorrido en dirección a playa Francesa y Montaña Amarilla

Best feature: Combine running with a swim in the sea, or with a few minutes of yoga or meditation under the spell of magical Mount Amarilla.
Point of interest on route: Mount Amarilla Volcano: A mountain worthy of legend.