Date: Date not confirmed in 2020.

Registration: Closed.

Organizer: Centro Deportivo Fariones.


Starter: 8 km. Race: 6’9 Km. Swimming: 1,620 m. (25% swimming)
Sprint: 17 km. Race: 13’8 Km. Swimming: 3,590 m. (23% swimming) Scoring mode for the Head Swimrun Series by Garmin.
Marathon: 40 km. Race: 33’7 Km. Swimming: 5,883 m. (20% swimming)
Chinijos (race for children): Between 1.2 and 3.1 km, depending on the category (28% swimming)

Official web site: LINK


The first Swimrun challenge in the islands has positioned itself as the most prominent in the archipelago by joining the Head Swimrun Series by Garmin. Together with the good weather, this attracts a large number of participants. Each distance offers 3 categories; male, female and mixed.