The Ajaches are some of the oldest mountains in Lanzarote. In fact, they had already formed long before Lanzarote, as we know it, existed. In our section on walking trails we propose a 14-kilometre hike along the whole of the Los Ajaches coastline from Playa Quemada to Playa Blanca. To help you fully grasp just how old these mountains are, just imagine that as you follow this trail, you journey back in time:

Picture yourself standing in Playa Quemada at the very moment these volcanoes emerged from the sea some 14 million years ago. As you follow the route you move forward in time until you reach present-day Playa Blanca. That’s equal to 14 million years of history covered in 14 kilometres; with every metre you walk, you advance about 1,000 years.

At the outset you would be in the Miocene period when the first bears and hyenas roamed but humans neither existed nor were expected to exist. It would be another 10 million years before the first hominid that walked on both feet appeared (the Australopithecus) – that’s 10 kilometres further along the trail and already quite close to the beaches in Papagayo.

Humans, as we know them today, appeared 200,000 years ago, in other words 200 metres before the end of the trail. These humans did not arrive in Lanzarote until (we assume) 2,500 years ago, that is, two and a half metres before the end of the walk. The current inhabitants of the island conquered it 600 years ago, in other words 60 centimetres before our final destination; our last step.