Trade winds and mild temperatures make Lanzarote a location of choice for the preparation of oceanic regattas. The island’s stunning landscapes also attract recreational boats throughout the year. In winter, when temperatures drop in the rest of Europe, many sailors choose to rent boats on the islands. Crossings from Europe are more frequent between the months of September to December when many boats drop anchor in Lanzarote before embarking on their Atlantic crossing.

Regata de cruceros

A large number of Volvo Ocean Race teams have chosen Lanzarote as their base of operations when preparing for their race, including Ericsson, Groupama, SCA and more. In addition, the island is also the base of choice for teams from the Barcelona World Race. Equally Lanzarote is the origin or port of call for several other ocean races.

Lanzarote is not only held in high esteem by lovers of long distance ocean crossings, it also appeals to day trippers who can take advantage of the fantastic variety of boat trips on offer that stay close to the coast, including excursions to La Graciosa, Papagayo beaches, Isle of Lobos. During these tours it’s quite possible you’ll cross paths with some of the international champions that the island has produced in lightweight races or with a local participant of the Volvo Ocean Race enjoying their own boat.

The island boasts several marinas equipped with everything necessary for your stay, including a variety of rental boats.